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Fully Managed Hosting (We do it for you)

Don't want to mess with all this stuff or hassle with getting started and want everything done for you then we have managed web hosting plans where all you need to provide your logo and content and we design a custom web site or customize one of our applications like Joomla or Magento E Commerce Cart to your specifications. Our Fully Managed Web Hosting is what many of our clients use when they do not want to maintain their site. This includes making minor changes to the site. For E-commerce customers this can even include updating products and images. This leaves you to run the business and leave the technical details to someone that knows what they are doing.

Full Managed Hosting Starts at $39.95/mo plus administrative time on an hourly or contract basis. We also are PHP programmers that can assist you in getting your custom database driven site up and running quickly.

To find out more details and your precise needs please give us a call at 727-490-4267.


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