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Technical Support

Tampa Bay Hosting is proud of its customer service record. We are here to assist you when your web site has a problem or is not operational. If you can not reach your site, please be sure to verify that you are NOT experiencing connectivity problems. If you are reaching this site then your site should be working also. If not, then contact us and we will investigate. Many times the Internet or possibly your ISP has a problem and those are resolved very quickly, so patience is the best option.

When you do have a problem, document it the best you can by copying error messages and include them in the support ticket via your control panel to us so that we know where to look. Be sure to include the domain name and phone contact information so that we can reply to your inquiry.

If you are just getting started with website design and do not know where to start, we suggest using Website 101. Some of the information there is getting quite dated, but is still a good place to start.


To assist you in performing many of the more popular activites related to your website, like how to use your control panel, create email accounts, using FTP to upload files, and many others, we have provided you with a few  short tutorial videos. These tutorials will step you through the process from start to finish. You can find several of these right from the Preferences section of your cPanel control panel. Additional tutorials, like how to setup an email account on your computer or mobile device, are available by clicking the image below.

Web Hosting Tutorials

Our Policy

In order to keep our prices competitive we can not provide FREE application support, database support or administration for your website. It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable regarding your website, its contents,      as well as how to update and maintain it. To assist you in learning the control panel and its functions, we provide      a selection of on-line Flash-based video tutorials located in your cPanel control panel.

If you get stuck and require our assistance to fix your website, we will gladly assist you in any way we can. However, you may be charged our normal Tech Support rate of $60/hr with a 2-hour minimum (During normal operating hours (10am-7pm) and $120/hr at all other times). We also offer various Managed Hosting Plans that can be all inclusive.

To Report Outages and Problems - Please create a trouble ticket from your control panel or Email us. This will assure you the best possible response to your problem.


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